Friday, August 12, 2011

The claims sound too good to be true.

My eight-year-old has severe ADHD and some signs of Asperger's Syndrome (high-functioning autism). For the last four years, due to issues he has had in school, I have looked for ways to help him. He has been to neurologists, psychologists, and social workers. He is now on a popular ADHD medicine which does help him control his impulses; however, as any parent will tell you, I would love to find an answer which does not involve medicating my child.

A few months ago, I heard about the health benefits of ionized, alkaline water. The theory is that most of us are chronically dehydrated (from drinking acidic sodas, coffee, and tea) and if we can keep our brains and bodies hydrated, many current health issues that seem to plague our society--migraines, ADHD, autism, depression--will improve and may even disappear.

In this blog, I will track my son's progress as he drinks the ionized, alkaline water on a regular basis. Our start date will be September 1st, 2011. By that time he will have been back in school for two weeks. I am really hoping the claims are true.